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30 years of Kaupp. Much more than just auctions.

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«Art and love conquer time.»

Inscription on the artist Giovanni Segantini's tomb
Time to look back
108 auctions, 111.564 items, countless happy moments. The Kaupp auction house, founded in 1994, looks back with gratitude on 30 successful years.
For Kaupp, art is more than just a commodity that we trade in: Art is our love, our life. We are passionate about being available to our customers for all questions relating to art.
Time to look ahead
«Keep it up» or «off to new shores»? We look for the best way to market your art and advise you on what our heart beats for: art. To do this, we sometimes leave the beaten track and offer you customised services.
Services at Kaupp
Auctions – our classic service
Kaupp researches, evaluates and presents your works. The price is determined transparently by demand. International internet portals ensure a wide reach.
From individual objects to entire collections. From old to modern. – For the collector, the art market, insurance, tax or the estate.
Kaupp offers in-depth valuations of artworks at current market prices and detailed documentation. Present your treasures to us.
Art consulting and art mediation
Advice from building up a collection to disposing of it
Collection curation:
Kaupp advises you individually, takes your preferences and corporate philosophy into account and develops customised concepts. Always close to the development of the art market to increase your values.
Collection reduction:
Auction house? Gallery? Direct sale? Every object has its own ideal marketplace.
Kaupp will help you find the ideal partner to market your artwork or collection. With a large international customer base as well as a network of experts and a direct line to restorers and museums.
Private Sales
If you are looking for privacy or don't like the excitement and speed of auctions, private sales are a discreet way to part with artworks or expand your own collection. Without any publicity. With time to think. Without time pressure.
We help you to buy or sell art successfully. With Kaupp you will find your perfect «match».
Book an auctioneer – rent an Auctioneer
We offer you all the services of a publicly appointed and sworn auctioneer for auctions according to your wishes – also in the private or charity sector. Get in touch with us.
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Opening hours
We will gladly make time for you and arrange an individual appointment.
Art consultation at Sulzburg Castle
If you would like to have your art treasures valued, visit our fortnightly art consultation – the next dates are:
29 May and 19 June from 10 am – 5 pm.
We ask that you please register your visit in advance.
The shortest way to Kaupp
T +49 (0) 7634 / 50 38 0
WhatsApp Business +49 (0) 151 / 28 36 49 26
E-Mail auktionen@kaupp.de

More ART in life…

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